African grey Parrots

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African grey Parrots
African grey Parrots
African grey Parrots
African grey Parrots
African grey Parrots


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  • Sarah
  • $ 350
  • 25-04-2020
  • Bruce
  • $ 350
  • 26-04-2020
  • Bruce
  • $ 360
  • 26-04-2020
  • Luke
  • $ 375
  • 26-04-2020
  • Xena
  • $ 385
  • 22-01-2021
  • Nina
  • $ 1000
  • 02-02-2021


African grey Parrots

Selling my beautiful very tamed male and female african grey parrot. DNA sexed. 15 months old and very friendly, she will let you touch her, stroke her head and will sit with you out for a long time. She also likes cuddle a lot. She is not noisy, and very well behaved bird. She likes being out of the cage and will fly to you. Just want her to go to a loving home We have this loving beautiful african grey parrot for sale ,well trained and she can speak all the letters of the alphabet .updated on her vaccination



Is this parrot still available
Very interested. Willing to pay a lot more

Posted 01-02-2021


Hi, I want to buy your parrot, please give me your contact number

Posted 22-01-2021


Hi there
Is the parrot still available?

Posted 20-06-2020


Hi, I would love to make contact with the seller and get some more information if this Parrot is still available and where the pic-up location is?

Posted 03-06-2020


Hello Cruz

Has this aution ended? I am unable to contact the seller

Posted 02-06-2020


When does the bidding end?

Posted 26-04-2020


Are you in Auckland nth island

Posted 26-04-2020