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To Apply visit this link:
Job Description:
awoke as an independent contractor;
each teaching contract period lasts for 6 months;
adhere to the class schedule, the CLASS100 curriculum, and to enter every classroom on time;
deliver online ESL lessons to 30-40 Chinese students aged 6 to 18 years old;
make preparations for classes, background decorations, and teaching props;
approved effective feedback about the platform and classes;
irresponsible to regularly check for and respond to messages and emails from CLASS100.

Fixed Amount of Classes
You offer us time, we guarantee you classes.
Morning(7: 30am-12: 00pm, BJT)
3 Hours4 Classes
4 Hours5 Classes
4.5 Hours5-6 Classes
Afternoon(1: 30pm-4: 30pm, BJT):
3 Hours4 Classes
All Class Hours(7: 30am-12: 00pm, 1: 30pm-4: 30pm, BJT)
7.5 Hours7-9 Classes
1. Applicants shall offer CLASS100 at least 9h/3days per week(the same 3-hour block for each day);
2. When the a