A fantastic job for someone in Ningbo! Salary up to 25k

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To Apply visit this link: https://cips.io/17c786
Job Description
Student Age: 3 to 14 yrs
Class size: 8-10 Students
Salary: 17-25 K

1. passport from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Afri ca
2. bachelor's degree or better
3. 120-hour TEFL certificate or bet ter
4. clear criminal background

1. The Teacher shall have 22 days of p aid time off (which includes 11 national h olidays) within a contractual year of 12 months.
2. The School shall purchase for the Teacher a one-way flight ticket (to the value of 5000 RMB) to Ningbo City, China.
3. Free hotel accommodation during the Teachers first week in China
4. Airport pick-up upon arrival in Ningbo for the first time
5. Assistance in finding suitable accommodation.
The School provides with the Teacher practical assistance i n finding a furnished and equipped apartment in Ningbo.
6. Interest-free loan
After the Teacher h