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Native Chiro
City: Christchurch, Canterbury
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Chiropractor Christchurch
Chiropractor Christchurch
Chiropractor Christchurch
Chiropractor Christchurch
Chiropractor Christchurch
Chiropractor Christchurch


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Native Chiropractic offers gentle & specific chiropractic care from birth to beyond, as we understand everyone is better with a nervous system that is functioning well! We utilizespecific chiropractic techniques and the latest research to be sure you and your family are functioning at your best, creating a higher level of health & vitality for all.

We take care of your nervous system because it takes care of you

Chiropractic is a completely natural health care based on the simple truth that your body is designed to self-heal, self-regulate & is always striving for optimal health. Chiropractors work with the the vital communication network in our body, the nervous system.

Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord & the nerves that flow from it to every organ, muscle & cell in your body. We live our entire lives through our nervous system, every movement, sensation, emotion & organ function is governed by our nervous system.

Vital messages are constantly being sent from your brain to your body & then from your body to your brain. This communication loop allows your brain to respond to your body's needs & adapt appropriately. We know this is the most important system in the body because it is the only system that is completely protected by bone (your spine & cranial system). Research shows us that lifestyle stressors (physical, chemical & emotional stressors) can disrupt the intricate workings of our nervous system creating interference & imbalance to our vital communication system, this is known as a vertebral subluxation.

Health is your greatest wealth

In nine short months, every single day brings with it new developments as two little cells become 3 trillion. Your baby's brain & nervous system form, heartbeat begins & the senses awaken, all before the very first breath! Pregnancy & birth are incredible & at times a challenging experience for both mum & baby. As you make important choices you are creating the ideal environment for you & your growing baby.

Chiropractic care ensures that the brain and the body are well connected, so both mum and baby can go through pregnancy with ease. Changes in weight bearing as the baby grows puts increased strain and tension on the mother’s lower back and pelvis. By ensuring the pelvis and spine are stable yet flexible the baby is able to grow and develop in a comfortable environment.

During the first few years of life, essential neuro-development changes occur that are crucial to a child’s lifelong growth and development. Through paediatric chiropractic care, a child has the ability to grow and thrive right from the start.

Through pregnancy and the birth process babies are placed under incredible amounts of stress. Research shows that up to 80% of babies have vertebral subluxation (spinal dysfunction) following natural deliveries affecting the nerves in the upper neck, which may contribute to compromised development and function.

Babies are born with around 100 billion neurons, & a baby's brain grows most rapidly in the first three years of life. Our kids are so curious, the are constantly growing, developing & changing before our very eyes. Every new skill, new movement, new emotional response or new experience are making new connections & building new pathways within their brain & nervous system.

Family Wellness

At Native we view chiropractic care as part of a wellness lifestyle much like cleaning your teeth twice per day, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise and enough sleep. Often pain is one of the last symptoms your body will express to communicate that things are not functioning well.

With your nerve system controlling and coordinating everything in your body, an incredible 45% of your nerves are dedicated to controlling and coordinating muscles (motor nerves), another 45% control and coordinate all the functions you don’t think about, such as breathing, heart rate, digestion, immune function and healing (autonomic nerves) leaving only 10% of nerves relaying pain.

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