Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber USB with 8 GB by Keelog

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Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber USB with 8 GB by Keelog
Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber USB with 8 GB by Keelog


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Hardware Keylogger - KeyGrabber USB.

Configuration Options
The USB Hardware Keylogger may be configured through the file CONFIG.TXT, placed in the Flash Drive root folder. Use any text editor to prepare such a configuration file, containing the following text:.


Copy this file to the root folder in Flash Drive mode. The configuration will be loaded on next record mode initialization..

-) Password sets the 3-key combination for triggering Flash Drive mode. Any three-letter key combination is allowed (sequence is irrelevant). Default value is KBS..

-) LogSpecialKeys sets the logging level for special keys, such as Enter, Escape, F1...F12 etc. Special keys are logged in brackets, i.e. [Ent]. Allowed values are None (only text is logged), Medium (text with basic function keys are logged), and Full (text with all special keys are logged). Default value is Medium..

-) DisableLogging allows to disable logging, however does not affect mode switching. Allowed values are Yes (logging disabled) and No (logging enabled). Default value is No.
Link: http://www.keelog.com/usb-keylogger/?hardwarekeylogger