House Builders in Waikato

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Lehmann Building
City: Morrinsville, Waikato
Phone number: 021 182 4835
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House Builders in Waikato
House Builders in Waikato
House Builders in Waikato
House Builders in Waikato
House Builders in Waikato


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Buying a building will cost you a lot of money and it's probably the greatest investment that you will ever make. You can find buildings on sale within your locality and you can also find others through online sources. For whatever reason that you choose to buy a building, you want to buy a building that is up to standards and one that has been inspected for faults. Builder reports are very crucial in the following aspects. You will be able to know the true quality of the building as opposed to the marketing quality these defects or to look for another house builders Waikato. This means that the building must fulfill certain standards before being listed in the market. If there are parts of the building that do not meet these codes and standards, then it must be fixed. These people inspect all aspects of the building both the visible and those that are not visible. The buildings drainage, car packs and other parts of the building must also be inspected and a report made to their effect. Builders report will include all the faults in the building not forgetting the estimated cost of fixing these faults as well as the estimated maintenance costs.

Each and every project we undertake is completed to the highest standard. Lehmann builders are all qualified professions with experience in and passion for the industry.

As customer-focused professionals, we’re dedicated to demonstrating our commitment to providing you with reliable, specialist building services that not only meet our high safety standards but exceed your expectations as our client.

With us you can rest assured that we will operate with compete honestly and transparency. Hardworking and reliable, Dean and his team, will get the job done.

We are proud to be part of the New Zealand Builders Association. When you build with a NZCB approved builder you can rest easy knowing your biggest investment is backed by Halo – New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10 year residential guarantee. This unique cover is a safety net for your building project that’s only available when you work with one of our highly qualified NZCB approved builders.

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